About Nap Mat Carriers

Nap Mat Carriers is a company that offers a unique line of nap mat bags and other toddler and preschooler products.  Nap Mat Carriers are convenient carriers for nap mats and more. Nap Mat Carriers are the perfect solution to keep nap mats dry, clean, and protected from germs.

Our company strives to offer high quality durable products that are perfect for daycare centers, schools, and parents on the go.  Nap Mat Carriers is a military-family owned business that enjoying helping make parents life a little easier.


About Nap Mat Bags


About The Founder


Nicola, CEO & Founder, Nap Mat Carriers

Hi, my name is Nicola I am a mother, military spouse and wife.  Just like you I was looking for a practical solutions for carrying my child’s nap mat, blanket, and pillow to and from her mother’s day out program.  I was searching for something to keep it clean and protected it from damage and bugs.  After months of struggling to get everything to her mother’s day out program I asked the teacher what should I used?  She stated a pillowcase.  Of course, I wanted a pillowcase with a zipper because I am a little of a germaphobe. But I knew there had to be something else that was more effective.  After researching and patenting the nap mat bag, Nap Mat Carriers the business was  born.  I hope you find the product very convenience and that it will makes your life as a parent a little bit easier.  Please feel free to email Nicola@NapMatCarriers.com if you have any questions or comments.

Kind Regards,