So it begins

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It was a cold and stormy day. Well, not really. It was the first day of school. My little one was so excited she was in Pre-K and it was going to be fun. She put on her new clothes and shoes packed her school supplies in her backpack then tried to put her nap mat in her backpack. Big mistake. It would not fit. So I carried the nap mat, pillow, and blanket and off we went. When we arrived at school I asked her teacher what should we use to carry the nap mat, blanket, and pillow in. She stated, a pillowcase of course.

I decided to look for a pillowcase. I couldn’t be like all the other moms and have the open pillowcase. I needed one with a zipper. I think it’s the germaphobe in me. So the search began. I looked and looked and finally I found one that was large enough for the nap mat, blanket, and small pillow. Can you tell I got the ex-large nap mat. LOL. After much searching I found one in Walmart but the drawback was that it was white. Because I was not creative enough to mask the stains, my child’s pillowcase looked a mess. I search the internet for nap mat bags and carriers and none was found.  So I came up with the idea to create one.  And so it began.